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Its more than managing the pension scheme. Its looking after your employees’ financial wellness.

That’s why we take a holistic view to managing Corporate pension Schemes.
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Linked Corporate is the brand name behind our employee financial well being programme. Its been designed to provide a fully transparent, comprehensive service to all employees within a company – not just those that qualify for access to the Group Pension Scheme.

Our approach is based on two disciplines:


Open market analysis and management of the Company Pension Scheme


Providing market leading access to a range of ancillary services for all staff members

Company Pension Scheme

Your staff are your most important asset. We manage their pension accordingly.

We’ll analyse the key aspects of your Scheme in a format and at an interval rate that suits your specific requirements. 

We take into the account of all the major factors so as to ensure you and your employees get the best value for money out of your contributions. Fund performance, Fund Choice, Allocation Rates and Management Fees are the key aspects. 

All done using a market leading mix of technology and traditional formats.
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Pension Planning at Linked Dental

Employee Wellness Programme

It’s not just about the pension scheme. It’s about the financial wellness of all your employees that matters.

As part of our corporate pension scheme solutions, we offer all your employees’ access to a range of financial services, FREE OF CHARGE. We use a mix of online, face-to-face and daily clinic facilities to promote and manage the following services:
Estate Planning
Personal Debt Management advice
Loan Advice
Help with application forms for all financial institutions
Regular Savings Plans
Tax and Audit Advice
General Financial Awareness Programme
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Talk to us about how it works and why its critical for staff retention to get financial wellness right.
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