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ESG Investing

Looking for a profitable investment fund that you can feel good about?

Investing for financial gain doesn’t have to mean abandoning your conscience. Investing in socially responsible companies that prioritize sustainability is not just a great ethical choice, it can also have excellent long term financial benefits.

At Linked we feel confident enough about those long term benefits to offer ESG funds as a first choice investment opportunity to all potential investors.

Why not arrange a consultation with our brokers today to learn more about the options and see if an ESG fund is right for you.

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What are ESG Investing?

Put simply, ESG Funds are funds that might otherwise be called “Green” or “Ethical Funds”. So what does ESG stand for?



Conservation & protection of the environment.
Air emissions and air quality
Energy use and conservation.
Natural resources and land use.
Waste management and water quality.
Hazardous materials use.



Relationships with employees, suppliers & communities.
Labour standards and employee relations.
Production quality and safety.
Local community impact.
Equal employment opportunities.
Health care, education, and housing services.



Leadership, risk controls & shareholder rights.
Ethical business practices.
Board independence and diversity.
Voting rights.
Executive pay vs. employee pay.
Account and tax transparency.

What is it?

Why should I invest in ESG Investing?

The world faces major sustainability challenges – such as climate change, ageing population, and
inequality – which require radical solutions that will bring huge yet hard to predict changes to the
global financial system. By facing up to these challenges, recognising that capital allocation decisions
have a real impact on the world, and holding bold visions of the future, investors can hope to make
good long-term investment decisions.

There is the additional factor of the retail investor facing up to sustainability challenges and
strategically allocating their savings to companies and funds that can help make good long-term
improvements in the World in which we live.

ESG Fund Performance

The potential return and the security of your investment are, of course, of paramount importance when investing in any fund. At Linked Financial we have the experience to know why people invest. It’s about your future, it’s about securing your standard of living and looking after your family, longterm. When it comes to matters like these we understand that one size doesn’t fit all and that the need to develop a personalized plan is of paramount importance to ensuring you get the best outcome.

What many people don’t realise though is that you don’t have to make a choice between your heart and your wallet. An investment in an ethical fund can be a great financial move. A recent study by S&P global found many large ESG funds performed better than the S&P 500. Recent studies also indicate that many ESG funds outperform nonethical funds over the longer term. Of course, simply choosing an ESG fund is no guarantee of success, or that ESG funds are right for your financial goals. That’s why at Linked Financial we offer impartial advice to help you navigate the complex world of ESG investing to determine which ESG fund, if any, is right for you.

Can I move my existing investments into ESG Funds?


Simply contact us and let us advise you on how you can transfer your existing pension or investment arrangements into a range of ESG Funds that suit your investment goals and match your risk & volatility attitude.

Why Linked Financial?

At Linked Financial we strongly believe that you don’t need to abandon your principles for financial gain.
The performance of ESG funds vs traditional funds shows that ethical investing can be a great financial move. We also know that everyone’s needs and financial goals are different.

We offer an honest appraisal of the ethical investing landscape to help you decide if an investment in an ESG fund is the right move for you.

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