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We Understand Your Needs

We understand your needs and have developed a product range and advisory process that we think best meets your exact requirements. Whether its helping you protect your income in the event of unexpected absences from practice, or, helping you plan for your future retirement, or, looking at the most tax efficient ways of extracting wealth from your own Practice we are able to help.

We understand that your time is precious and that having to schedule time out of your diary to meet with a Financial Advisor might be off putting. So, we have created a online platform that removes a great deal of the initial fact finding process. It’s been designed to be simple to navigate and easy to understand. We are sure you will enjoy the interface and its all been created to make things easier for you to get access to the information you need to make the right financial planning decisions that suit your needs’.

Income Protection for Dental

We understand that most Dentists (apart from those working full time within the HSE) receive no sick pay entitlement for absences from practice relating to illness or accident. This has a huge implication for dentists who are forced to take time off work for long periods. Trying to maintain lifestyle standards with no income coming in is difficult and most dentists find themselves having to dip into savings simply to pay the mortgage/rent and other day-to-day bills and expenses.

There is a very cost-effective alternative – Income Protection.

Linked Financial can help you put in place an insurance policy that pays out a replacement income until you are able to get back to work. You select the amount of income you require (up to a maximum of 75% of your annual income), the deferred period you are prepared to wait until your benefits kick in the age at which you want the policy to end. Its as simple as that. The system will generate your quote and you can select which on best suits your needs. We do the rest!

You’ll also be delighted to hear that the monthly premium is eligible for tax relief at your marginal rate (40%). Thus, a gross monthly premium of €200 costs you €120 once the tax relief has been deducted!

Even those dentists working within the HSE are limited regarding the amount of sick pay they receive. Under current contracts of employment, a full-time HSE employee is entitled to receive 3 months absence with full pay followed by 3 months at half pay. After that, your only access to sick pay is through Social Welfare payments. To fully indemnify yourself why not consider putting in place a 26-week deferred period Income Protection policy? It's cheaper than a like for like policy with a shorter deferred period and gives you peace of mind that an income will continue to be paid should you ever find yourself in the unfortunate position of being off work for any protracted period.

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Income Protection

Regular Savings Plan for Dental

We are living through a time where there are historically low-interest rates being offered to savers who put money into their bank deposit accounts. There is currently talk (and some evidence) that banks are beginning to contemplate crossing the Rubicon of actually charging savers who decide to leave money in deposit accounts with them.

You’ve worked hard to build up your savings. You’ve been prudent and made sacrifices. You quite rightly should feel you deserve to be rewarded for making those decisions and not penalised for it.

Luckily, there’s an answer.

For clients who wish to save for medium to long term periods there are a number of easy access savings plans available in the marketplace that have the potential to generate a higher level of return than the Interest rates offered by the banks ( NB .. these types of savings accounts do NOT offer guaranteed returns and your capital is at risk. You may get back less than the amount you originally invest).
Regular Savings Plan for Dentists

We will help advise and direct you to the most suitable plan that meets your needs.

Whether it's for the holiday of a lifetime, your children’s Third Level education, your future wedding, whatever the reason you can use our online calculator to help you understand how much you need to save now to build up the funds you require at a future date.

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Regular Savings plan for Dentists

Pension Planning for Dental

Most dentists only look at pension planning at the end of the tax year when their accountant tells them to set aside some money to mitigate the amount of tax they are liable to pay to the Revenue as part of their self-assessed Annual Tax Return.

Outside of this, our experience is that few dentists really spend time thinking about what kind of retirement they are saving for, how much should they saving throughout the whole year and not just in October, and what type of pension plan suits their investment experience and aspirations best.

We want to change that!

Our simple online calculator shows you what you need to save each year to retire with the level of income that will help provide you with the retirement lifestyle you desire. That’s your starting point.

You can then assess your own attitude to risk and volatility using our Risk Profile questionnaire – this will help us direct you to the most suitable investment funds for your Plan.

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