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Protecting you. Today, Tomorrow, Into your future. Let us do the leg work for you.

Want to spend more time enjoying yourself and less worrying about your finances? Our service is designed to cut through the jargon and take the hassle out of your financial well-being.

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Vector picture of family getting life cover
Vector picture of family getting life cover

Life Cover for Individuals

Protecting your loved ones. Giving you peace of mind.

Don’t put it off any longer. You know it’s the right thing to do but you just never get around to doing it – providing financial security in the event of your premature death for those that you care about.

Life Cover has never been simpler to arrange.

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Serious Illness for Individuals

Protecting your loved ones. Giving you peace of mind.

Serious Illness cover, sometimes referred to as “insurance for the living” allows you the time to recover from illness and/or injury without the added worry of keeping the bills paid.

A tax free lump sum upon diagnosis of up to 40 conditions puts you back in control of your financial wellbeing at a time when you need to focus all your efforts on getting back to full health.

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Serious Illness Cover

Mortgage Protection for Individuals

Protect your biggest asset. It’s simple. It’s quick

We give you access to all the main Life Assurance companies in the market to provide you with the most competitive quote possible.

You’re obliged to show your Mortgage Lender that you have Mortgage Protection cover in place before you drawdown your loan, so we’ve made it as simple and straight-forward as possible.

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Mortgage Protection

Income Protection for Individuals

Replacing your salary. Protecting your lifestyle.

What contractual sick pay entitlement do you have with your employment? It could be a lot less than you think! Income Protection provides you with a replacement income if you suffer from a protracted illness and/or accident.

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Income Protection

Regular Savings Plan for Individuals

Replacing your salary. Protecting your lifestyle.

Why settle for effective negative growth on your hard-earned savings? Bank deposit accounts and credit union savings accounts pay little or no interest so if you’re saving for that new car, or a holiday of a lifetime or for a deposit on your first house purchase, think outside the box – invest in an easy access, flexible regular savings plan.

You’ll reach your end goal far quicker! Use our online calculator to help you understand how much you need to save and we’ll talk you through the rest of the process.

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Regular Savings plan for Dentists

Mortgages for Individuals

You’re fed up renting. You’ve found the dream house. Now let us help you find the right mortgage.

It's easy to get tangled up in all the paperwork and jargon that will be thrown your way to get your mortgage approval. Usually by your Bank!

We can remove all that hassle and provide you with an online, one stop shop process where we do all the hard work for you.

Use our online mortgage calculator to see what you can borrow and let us do the rest.

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