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Medical Professionals

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Vector picture of family getting life cover
Vector picture of family getting life cover

Life Cover for Medical Professionals

Protecting your loved ones. Protecting your Practice. We understand and we’re here to help.

Whether you’re newly qualified and in practice for the first time, or, a seasoned professional with your own practice the questions around Life Cover are similar – “Have I done enough to protect my loved ones if I die prematurely?” and “Have I future-proofed the business, financially, if something should happen to me unexpectedly?”

Let us help you find the answers to those important questions.

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Serious Illness for Medical Professionals

Providing financial security when your health becomes an issue.

Most medical professionals in Ireland are self employed and those that aren’t have limited access to sick pay for long absences from work.

A comprehensive serious illness policy will pay you a tax free lump sum upon diagnosis of a prescribed condition which, at the very least, can remove the financial worry of being in practice during your recovery period.

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Serious Illness Cover

Mortgage Protection for Medical Professionals

Its easy. Its simple. Its quick. What’s more, you’ll get the most competitive rates in the market.

Whether its protecting your family home, an investment property or your Practice, we can provide you with the most competitive mortgage protection rates in the marketplace. Get your online quote today.

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Mortgage Protection

Income Protection for Medical Professionals

Protecting your most important asset – your income!

GP’s, Vets, Pharmacists, Physio’s and Private Hospital Consultants all have one thing in common when it comes to protracted absences from work through illness and/or injury – they receive very little access to guaranteed sick pay!

We can recommend an Income Protection policy which will provide you with a replacement income until you're ready to go back to practice. There are some considerations to bear in mind but we are experts in understanding your specific needs and will guide you through the process smoothly and efficiently.

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Income Protection

Regular Savings Plan for Medical Professionals

It’s your money. You’ve worked hard to save it. Make the most of it.

Most families want to save enough money to send their children to 3rd Level education.

Current bank deposit rates provide virtually nil return on your savings, so why do it? Talk to us about setting up a flexible, easy access regular savings plan.

There are no penalties for withdrawals, no set Term limits and the plans can accept lump-sum contributions as well as regular monthly investments.

Use our online calculator to help you determine how much you need to save for 3rd Level Fees.

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Regular Savings plan for Dentists

Retirement Planning for Medical Professionals

Think of it as a long-term savings plan with the added benefit of 40% tax relief!

No-one likes to think of old age and retirement, least of all when you’re still in the prime of your life. That’s why most medical professionals only ever think of pensions when their accountant advises them to invest in one at the end of each tax year!

We’d like to take on a different journey and provide you with a different perspective. We understand the nuances in your job specifications and that all medical professionals can be corralled together when it comes to pension planning. For instance, medical lists for GP’s, HSE contracts for Physio’s and Hospital Consultants all have to be taken into account before cementing a plan that’s right for the individual.

Talk to us today about how we can help.

Regular Savings Plan quote

Mortgages for Medical Professionals

First time buyer or buying an investment property. We’re here to help.

Whatever your circumstances, Linked Mortgages can provide you with a one stop shop regards finding the right mortgage solution to meet your needs’.

Our online process saves you time, makes it easy to follow and removes the need for you to take precious time out of practice to meet with the Bank.

Talk to us today about how we can help.

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Pension Planning For GMS Superannuation Plan Members

Its not simple. But, don’t worry. You’re in safe hands.

The rules pertaining to pension planning for GP’s and other Medical Professionals are complicated when income is generated from both public and private sources. We understand the issues and have summarised below the key details and how we can help.

Many Health Professionals earn their salary through more than one source of income. These types of workers are subject to “Dual Income Rules”.

If a GP / Health Professional is contributing to the GMS or HSE Superannuation Scheme, then the income they receive from that source is always counted first against the “Earnings Cap” (i.e. €115,000) for the purposes of pension planning.

This means that tax relief on contributions to pensions in respect of private income may be reduced or completely negated depending on the overall level of earnings of the person.


John is a GP aged 45 with a total income of €200,000 per year (€80,000 GMS income and €120,000 private practice income)

Total contributions allowed for tax relief are 25% of €115,000
Less contributions to the GMS scheme (5% of €80,000)
- €4,000
Scope for further contributions of€24,750
Pension Planning Options:

€16,000 as an AVC PRSA (25% x €80,000 less the contribution of €4000 to the GMS Scheme already made)

€8,750 to a Personal PRSA (€24,750 less the €16,000 contribution to the AVC above).

Talk to us today about how we can help you plan your contributions effectively.

We’re here to help.

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